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Five Reversible Bracelets - Turquoise and Green
  • Five Reversible Bracelets - Turquoise and Green

    SKU: JO9

    Five handmade knotted cotton cord bracelets with simple sliding knot closure, minimum and maximum size for each bracelet is shown below. Wear with turquoise on the outer edges, or turn the braclet to have green instead.








    To gauge your size, use a tape measure or a strip of paper/string and ruler to measure around your wrist and around the widest part of your hand with your thumb tucked in (usually around the knuckles). Bracelets can be made smaller by undoing one sliding knot and tying a new overhand knot where desired. The knotted section will slide along the core cord.


    If you can't see the size or colour you like, please feel free to get in touch. Bracelets can be made as singles, pairs, or groups.

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