Zombie Fineliners

Want to know how to bring a dead fineliner back to life? Read on!

Every week I make a plan using a bullet journal, and my favourite pen is this one. I have no idea where I bought it, it's been hanging around for a long time - and it turns out to be perfect for writing detailed plans, without bleeding through to the other side of the page, in waterproof ink (yes! I like to colour in my plotting).

Of course, nothing lasts forever and this morning the pen dried up.

Happily I found a way of reviving my pens using Rotring ink. India ink is wonderful for drawing and painting with, however it is far too viscous for this job. Rotring ink is designed for technical pens with very fine nibs, so it retains its waterproof quality without gunking up your nibs

This technique also works on my Edding fineliners, which I use for artwork.

To refill a fineliner, identify where the nib section meets the pen. On an Edding version, you can see the upper black section is shiny, and this is the section you remove.

On my journalling pen, it's even easier to see. The black section comes away from the blue part.

I run a scalpel blade gently between the two to separate them. Watch your fingers, folks!

Slide the nib out of the pen.

Take your ink bottle..

...and carefully allow one or two drops to soak into the end of the pen. There's a spongy reservoir in there to receive the ink. You may get a little air bubble at the top of the pen, you can release this with a gentle tap of the pen or by touching the bubble. There may be minor splatting. I did warn you.

Then gently pop your nib back on your pen, and you're done! A refill will last a surprisingly long time, and I for one am really happy I don't have to condemn my favourite pens to landfill.

I hope this comes in useful for you. Enjoy!

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