Tree Of Life robe

It's finished!

This robe has been skulking around all winter, waiting for decisions, waiting for calculations, waiting for buttons, waiting for trim.

Finally it was complete and off it went to play its part in a magic ritual circle, and happily its owner is pleased.

I'm not going to lie, I totally underestimated how long this would take me to make...just sewing on 19 buttons is an evening's work.

Now I'm busy making examples for crafternoons: wire jewellery, collage bird images, fabric flowers.

I'm busy making faux stone polymer clay pendants to launch a new evening workshop, and I'm busy with lots and lots of artwork, so I'm making an extra effort to notice the beautiful things around me. Really, we only have today.

I captured this stunning swan on a visit to Sywell Country Park, and if you're wondering, this is what a sneezing swan looks like.

I have a three week art project based on water coming up soon....what do you think? I'm tempted, just look at those reflections...

Have a wonderful Sunday, whatever you are doing.

Nic 🌻

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