This and that, and a pen to rule them all

Hello! I hope November has been treating you well, I keep getting caught out by the sudden sunset - definitely the season to get outside early!

It's been an interesting week of bits and pieces going on at NixieMade. We spent a couple of days running new cable to the house, and it's no bad thing to come inside, get warm and do a bit of making. I've had fun experimenting with watercolours, gesso and acrylic paint and a couple of pieces of artwork have gone off to the printers, at least one piece will be made into winter cards. I'm working on a sewing project commission (and a few presents which I can't talk about yet). I've had a request for more eye earrings...

I've also discovered ruling pens, a very old piece of technology which will allow me to draw constant ink lines on my seasonal artwork, without the fluctuating flow of a paintbrush. Can't wait to try it with paint and masking fluid! How have I not tried these before?

In between projects I've started learning the constellations, I've been aware of Orion (or Freya if you're Scandinavian) and the Big Dipper for years, now I'm finding my way around the rest of the sky. There is a reassuring constancy in recognising stars. Like trees, I think they will become my familiar companions, and maybe one day they'll help me find my way home. How many do you know?

And of course we're playing around with Christmas cake experiments, trying to produce one that doesn't overcook on the outside...Mary Berry I am not :)

So it's been an interesting week of bits and bobs, this and that. I hope you're well, inside and out, and that you're finding plenty to keep you happy during lockdown. Keep in touch and let me know what you're up to :)

Nic x

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