The Game Of Threes, and other life tools

Well hello on a glorious Friday afternoon, how are you doing today?

It's been a rock 'n roll couple of weeks at NixieMade. I've sold a painting before it's finished, I've secured some work teaching craft workshops and dipping into other fun events, a shell necklace I've been umming over for weeks finally got listed and sold straight away (that'll teach me to ummmm), and we're clearing buckets of slate, stones, mud and rubbish from the garden we've inherited in between. Busy busy!

I thought I'd share some of the methods I've used to get me through hectic times, and times when my motivation is low and the job list doesn't care ;)

My absolute favourite game for dealing with clutter is the Game of Threes. All you do is take three items and put them away, give them away, or throw them away (or recycle them if you can). It never fails, because three things is very manageable, and quite often, by virtue of having two hands, four things get dealt with as an added bonus. Had enough after three? Not a problem, you've dealt with three clutters and that's great. Feeling like three was easy? Well, maybe pick another three and go again. It is honestly the most painless way I've found to get me to get me into gear,

I like Dave Allen's GTD method a lot. Getting Things Done by capturing everything that needs attention, filtering and focusing can be a bit daunting, and even a bit tiring. It does ultimately give me a sense of calm and control, so totally worth the work.

I also like bullet journalling. This method of reflection and plan-building is so personal and can be very expressive, there are some truly wonderful examples of people's journals available - and they are often willing to talk through their process on YouTube, which is fun.

I have other little ways to help me too. Some days I'll do the Worst First. Then I feel accomplished and everything afterwards seems comparatively pleasant. Sometimes I'll go for the Quick Win, and do the things that will take no more than five minutes. This is a great momentum builder. Sometimes I'll make myself a Jobs Lottery split into personal, home, and work, and take a job at random out of the dish. This keeps it fun and means I am only concentrating on the one job, not mentally doing all the others. Sometimes I'll make a Most Important Task box at the top of the day's agenda, so that whatever happens, that definitely does.

How about you? What helps you stay on track, or get back up to speed when things have slipped? What helps you stay ahead of the game?

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