The bees are back in town!

Since I last wrote I've had a little breakthrough (about 10mm, to be exact). After the huge response to my little bee pendant in the craft community challenge, I've been thinking about the best way to recreate the stripey bead I used (I only had two, I have no idea where I bought them, it might have been twenty years ago...and I couldn't find anything remotely similar online). After spending a few evenings tinkering with polymer clay, I've managed it at last, and once they are baked, sanded and varnished, they look acceptably ceramic to my eye.

In due course I'll be listing bees in my shop, and in the meantime I'm taking pre-orders (if you want to order one just drop me a message, Sunflower members will receive 10% off as normal). The bees are sterling silver, hung on 1mm sterling silver chain and cost £45 plus postage.

I'm also working on a simple flat silver bee design, so look out for those.

I hope you're having a lovely day whatever you're up to!

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