Stretch knits

Good morning!

I hope I find you well today. I've got a streaming cold, which is very annoying, and some sleep would be very welcome! Ah well, worse things happen at sea.

In the past few weeks I've been trying out the stretch knit funtion on my Janome. I love a long sleeve t-shirt and it seemed a bit ridiculous that I've never made any for myself. Also, I am running out of clothes.

I made two tops in the first instance. I usually wear black trousers when I'm working so I elected for some colour. They were cut from the same pattern, and one came out longer than the other, which tell you something about variation in fabrics...

They were pretty straightfoward to make, and the extra time the stretch knit stitch takes is offset by not having to finish any raw edges.

Then I decided to alter a pile of old crew-neck cheap tops that I bought ages ago. I'm not a big fan of cheap clothes, however £2 a top was too good to walk away from, and as they're not new, they're a prime target for experimenting.

The necks have always felt too tight on me, so I thought I'd hack one up and see if I could install a V-neck.

This is the original neckline.

I removed the front binding, cut it in half, cut a V in the fabric and redistributed it along the new neckine.

Tada! No more strangly tops. The first one will probably be less neat than the last...another name for Mistakes is Learning, right?

Those of you who know me well will be aware of my deep loathing of repairs and alterations, so this one's a double win for me.

If you've been following our Cooking Around The World adventure on Insta or Facebook, we've three more cooking days left. Feel free to join us!

Hope you have a good weeked, let me know what you're up to :)

Nic 🌻

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