Songbirds and Swirls

Good morning!

I hope today finds you happy and well. We're having a funny of time of it, this week we went into isolation as Paul tested positive for coronavirus. which is not unexpected as he's been nursing Covid-19 patients since March. So the hatches are battened, our friends have been along to throw paracetamol boxes through the window and the countdown begins (to running out of ice cream, mainly).

We're lucky to live in a quiet and leafy place, so apart from missing our walks among the birds and wildlife and picking blackberries, it's bearable. We've worked our way through Harry Potter, Ashes To Ashes ("you are surrounded by Armed Bastards!"), The Split (angst, angst) and are currently immersed in Buffy Season 6 (grrrrr....argh). We've started Killing Eve so we don't run out of Buffys too quickly. Strategy is all.

So apart from a lot of box sets, what's been happening? Much jewellery for one thing; I'm surrounded by project trays and findings boxes and tool pots, and I'm making lots of one-of-a-kinds. I'm polishing up an open commission - a big heart, a little gem, "fill it in how you like".

You may have seen lots of jewellery pieces popping up on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (my work is on Pintrest too, if you want the picturebook version) and those pieces will be making their way into my shop when I can send things out as normal once more. I'm also creating a collection of pieces for the prize draw at the end of August, the winner will choose from prizes in their tier and all tiers below.

I finished my bluetit screen print, you may remember the sketching and transfer process.

I got me a new t-shirt! I think I even printed it straight :)

Today I'm painting a hummingbird, who knows what that will end up on - watch this space.

Thank you for your support, and your kind words if you've been in touch. The September rewards will be out as normal, and you can place orders with a dispatch date of 19th August. (Discount on all shop items applies for Sunflower members as usual, just use your personalised code.)

Look after yourself, enjoy the warm weather and be happy!

Nic x

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