Sleepiness, Squirrels, Celtic symbols and a Winner!

Happy bank holiday to you!

It's been a really strange month here, most of which has blown off course due to Covid-19. Happily we are getting back to normal levels of activity, although the odd wave of tiredness sometimes blindsides us. I can honestly say I have never felt so exhausted while doing nothing...getting out of bed and walking downstairs would take it out of me for half a day. Frustrating.

Happily we made it to London for my stepdaughter's 18th birthday as planned, and had a wonderful time - especially with the wildlife, We met some super-gentle tame squirrels that sat happily with us enjoying a snack.

In St James' Park we stumbled across a tree full of gorgeous parakeets which flew down to feed from our hands too (yes, much hand sanitiser and hand washing!). They are SO well camoflaged, and stunning. It was lovely to see them so close and observe their different features. Some of them are sweet and delicate looking, some are frankly bruisers.

We visited Tate Britain and the Science Museum and I have never really appreciated how welcoming London is, we had a great reception wherever we went. The chosen birthday activity was Go Ape in Battersea Park, and I didn't think I minded took a full 12 hours for my legs to work properly again, is all I'm saying. We were completely drenched walking back along the Thames and it was kinda fun. You can only get so wet, and then your shoes make interesting squelchy sounds. Seeing the tidal river surge and boil like a confined beast against its walls in the downpour was spectacular.

So we've gone from isolation to city back to quiet life at home, where we are watching the turning of the leaves, the ripening of the berries, and the changing of the light. What a peculiar summer this one has been.

While we were away Paul bought me this book:

I'll be happily reading and scribbling away with that in the near future, there are a few ideas in the pipeline in between commissions - I'm currently making a mould for a goddess pendant and Celtic knots, which I have loved for as long as I can remember. If there's something you'd like to see made, drop me a message, you never know.

It's strange to think I took up silverwork ten weeks ago and I have three pieces to make to order and a little shop filling up. Thank you for your support, your Facebook shares and your words of encouragement. Thank you also for your pledges, as you may have seen I've used them to run this website and to buy better product lighting. You are fuelling this little creative engine and I really appreciate it!

Now onto the business of the day - the prize draw winner! I'm happy to announce that our winner this time around is Sue Garner! Well done Sue! Your prize options will appear below, so drop me a line to tell me which you've chosen.


Any prizes not chosen will be listed in my shop, and Sunflower members will be able to use their discount code as normal. If you see a piece of silverwork you like and it is no longer available, I may be able to make one for you, so get in touch.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your bank holiday! Fingers crossed September is a bit less odd....

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