This week we took Mr Bear on a road trip to Puzzlewood! Hooray!

Puzzlewood is a magical and secretive forest in Gloucestershire, where lots of films and TV series have been filmed. It just looks like an ordinary wood from here, but wait until we go inside!

Before we went in, we made new friends.

They were so sweet and polite!

They're also very big, compared to a small bear.

Inside the wood, we could stand at root level as natural stone and soil erosion had made some very unusual formations. It is mossy, ferny, and slightly eerie.

Higher up there are bridges and seats, and all of the paths are skillfully lined with branch fences.

You can look a long way down (if you want to). No? Okay.

Some of the trees are absolutely enormous.

A lot of fallen trees and branches have been left to become habitat for small creatures, and covered in mosses and lichens. There's something a bit dragon-like here and there.

There are lots of winding steps...

A stash of 3000 Roman coins was found in the wood, so who knows how many stories it holds? What else might be hidden here?

There are hundreds of crevices and small caves tucked away.

Plants grow from plants everywhere.

More than ever, trees feel sacred.

More than ever, I realise how many greens I need to learn to paint -

including some very bright ones! Who knew autumn would still hold such acid green leaves?

We took the lower route through the root systems.

Some old trees just seem to hang on to the rocks...

...some seem to be moving on!!

Some have some really strange formations.

Some seem to live on pedestals.

Some have fallen, and their roots have made tiny upside down forests that remind me a little of a coral reef.

Who lives here, I wonder?

Little seats have been built here and there, encased in the treescape.

I can see a bear, a walrus, a mermaid, a mammoth tusk and an otter here, How about you?

I have never been so happy to feel so small.

At times the path becomes almost subterranean.

From above, it's a real fantasy landscape.

And in small things lie tiny worlds of great beauty.

If you like a wiggly wood, I can't recommend Puzzlewood enough.

Just wear some good shoes ;)

That was an amazing walk and thirsty work! Time for a nice ginger ale next to some ponies.

When we got back to our little flat, we watched Will Smith having an adventure and we settled down to a fun game.

Mr Bear isn't a fan of counting.

He had to get involved before long though...

...(with a bit of help).

Go bear!

We had a really great day. We hope you enjoyed our little exploration, maybe you'd like to visit Puzzlewood too one day!

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