Mr Bear Takes A Holiday

Mr Bear was very lucky to have a few days away on holiday. It was also my birthday, so that was nice too :) We didn't know where we were going until we got to Minehead! What a lovely view from our hotel window.

There were hundreds of flowers right oustide the hotel, it was great to see the pollinators well looked after.

We were a few minutes' walk from the beach. Perfect!

On our first full day we walked the South West Coastal Path, starting with North Hill at the harbour end of the beach. It's a steep old climb, through beaufiful woodland.

The day got quite warm quite quickly, so we were glad of the shade for the steepest part


As we left the woods, we could see the coastline again.

And Wales!

We saw some pretty special trees...

Bona fide Exmoor ponies...

And a lesser spotted shade dweller...

All we could hear on the moor were bees, and the wind. This little fella might be a painting one day.

As we neared Bossington on our route to Porlock, the views were stunning.

Down through the steep valley and to a famous little bridge to cool our feet in the water.

We had a little trip to Lynton, where we met a real character in the churchyard, playing reggae and drinking rum (his mama says it's disrespectful, he says the dead people don't mind - reggae's good for the soul.) This is the view from the churchyard. Stunning, don't you think? And look at that amazing low cloud.

We popped into a lovely gallery in Cheddar, where Mr Bear met some funny looking beasts...

And spotted some big brown trout!

We went to Malmsmead and walked in the Doone Valley, which is exquisite.

While we rested with a picnic, we saw a little frog on the other side of the river, and watched chiffchaffs swooping over the water.

Out with the sketchbook!

Such a special place, and fast becoming one of my favourites.

Each evening we had fun beachcombing for treasures and looking at the strange air bubbles and worm casts, and an absolutely huge dead jellyfish that we called Kevin.

Every sunset was different. Hazy or sharp, they were all a joy to behold.

Are we going back?

Hell yes. He's a beach bear now.

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