May is

Good morning lovely members! Wow, May is flying by...I'm juggling commissions, house jobs, artwork, volunteering and new ideas for the shop and that's before aikido and art class resume! I wouldn't have it any other way, I have dipped my toe into depression and I didn't like it. So we will just keep a weather eye on Overwhelm and walk between the two, step back from the brink, and living next to wood is exactly what the mind and soul require for that. Yesterday morning the calls of the birds drew me outside, where I saw blackbirds, bluetits, robins, sparrows, heard an elusive song thrush and watched young squirrels get the hang of scratching their chin while staying in a tree. Beautiful

I took a new path and found this amazing tree(s), one growing in the other and spiralling upward. I'm into drawing trees right now, and it's making me much more aware of their character. The more you look, the more you see.

This is my favourite tree, an old oak on the top edge of a field. Battered and having lost some branches in the winter storms, on she goes, always with some little inhabitants coming and going with their daily busying. I do love to watch her change through the seasons.

May is feeling very green now, with cherry and apple blossom all fresh and perfect, and the hawthorn about to explode into bloom.

The perfection of the tiny is always enough to slow me down.

What's spring like near you?

Have a wonderful day, and I'll be back with some new artwork soon :)

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