Looking At Shadows

During lockdown the normal art group I love so much is on hold, however our amazing teacher Sarah has been posting some great art challenges for us and giving us guidance as we go (home schooling with a paintbrush sounds pretty good to me).

This time I've tacked a Shadow Challenge, placing a bowl (handmade down the road by a gifted man called Terry) on a windowsill and picking out the hues and reflected colours in the shadows, which are rarely just grey.

I chose watercolours and I decided not to sketch an outline first. It was just that kind of day.

I used Prussion Blue, Yellow Ochre and Alizarin Crimson to create a harmonious palette. Although I didn't always get the best Dirty Purple as we call it, the combination of yellow and blue doesn't make a bright green, so happily my bowl avoided an ogre-ish tinge.

It's always hard to start, and then it's hard to stop. Should I go in with a little coloured pencil? Should I?

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