It's all just been a bit weird, frankly.

Updated: Mar 26

Good evening, you!

How are you today? Been up to much?

Well, February has had plans of its own, it's fair to say. Having rid ourselves of Covid II, I took myself off for root canal treatment this morning. I don't mind admitting that I didn't sleep very well last night, or that I'm not impressed with the long-standing gum abscess that started all of this off. Still, we play the cards we're dealt, and while it's been a slower return to creative life after Fallow January, I feel we're gaining traction now.

I've been fiddling about with some more stretch knits in between the adultiing and illness. I'm pleased to say that a top that I've never worn because I love the fabric but hated the sleeve length and hated the hem length....

is now very wearable.

I also made a pattern from a beloved old cardigan to fashion some sort of replacement, still a work in progress and requiring some trimming and pressing....I just invented the hood (which started off ENORMOUS!) so there'll be a few tweaks as I go along and make similar things. The area where the hood attaches feels a bit baggy, yet when it wraps around me, it sits rather well, so we'll see how it pans out.

Now the question is, what am I going to attach to that irresistable pointy point?

Half term activities have commenced and I got to play paper plate birds this week (dream job? Pretty close), I'll pop the instruction shots below in case small people near you want to have a go!

Or for a slightly more complex shape...

Have fun!

And stay safe in those storms, it's a-blowin' a hoolie out there tonight :)

Nic 🌻

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