It's all gone a bit conkers

Hoorah! After a six month stoppage, art class has finally resumed (in a very small group, socially distanced and sanitised and with appropriate face coverings, and our own drinks...,but never mind all that!). I have really missed my weekly prompt to jump headlong out of my comfort zone - the learning, the friendly people and the fresh challenges.

Our first lesson of term is always observation drawing of a natural object. This allows for some error as natural objects are much more forgiving than perfectly symmetrical manmade ones - and new students are less likely to run for the hills. Previously we've drawn seed heads, red peppers, mushrooms, shells and flowers. This term kicked off with conkers.

Conkers are interesting to draw, because they contain both rough and smooth, textured and shiny surfaces. I decided that coloured pencil was going to be my weapon of choice (I am slightly hooked on them right now).

Once the outline is down, it's time to look at colour and tone, light areas and dark, warm and cool, reflections and shadows.

Brown and black are notoriously flat and difficult to give depth and contour. Once again I decided to make my dark tones without using black or grey.

Still a little way to go, though I'm happy so far. Let's see how I get on when the shadows go in.

Have a lovely day and enjoy looking around you!

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