I Made A Postcard (and CharlieCat helped)

A couple of weeks ago a school friend sent me a postcard of the Alhambra, a place I adored, telling me how she was getting on in lockdown (better than her cats apparently, who couldn't understand why the house was full of people every day!).

I'd been thinking about the work of William Morris - in the same way that I like modern songs that use classical instruments, I like semi-realistic illustrations with defined outlines, a little hybrid of styles; sometime I'll get onto my love of the work of Mucha and how I could not be dragged from an exhibition in Pécs for two days running.

Anyhoo, I decided to make a postcard to send back with a William Morris flavour. I flicked through Morris By Himself, a title that always makes the poor chap sound a bit was a lovely excuse to sit in the garden in the sunshine and colour in. I can highly recommend it. Have a go!

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