Good evening!

It's foggy, it's frosty and it's Oh So Cold here and we've had a spectacular winterland around us today. We live in a slight dip, so we get a little more frost and a little more fog than on the main roads...magical. Now we just need some snow to play in!

I love the definition frost gives leaves, berries and leftover autumn flowers, highlighting details we overlook, and showing us how hard a little spider works every day.

I took the camera out this morning, loving the sharp air and quietness broken only by bird song, and caught a few frozen moments of plant life. (There's still a lot of colour out there!) Who knows, they might star in next year's Yule cards :)

Anyone know what these berries are?

Stay warm, let me know what you're up to and enjoy the special moments of winter...the buds of spring are already on the way :)

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