Dropping The Rope

It's another sunny day in Northamptonshire, hoorah!

Seeds are planted, and we've started taking up the rather interesting brickwork in our garden ready to redesign it. It feels great to be moving forward with this big project, which no doubt will end with lots of beautiful plants to paint and a beautiful place to paint them in. For now, it's a building site...

This spring's cards are back from the printers and I'm very pleased with them. I'll be posting rewards out this weekend, I hope you like them too! Yesterday's prize draw winner has been notified and I'm looking forward to seeing what they'd like.

I had a revelation on Tuesday, while sitting outside a ceramics workshop in the gentle sunshine, wrestling with some major ethical dilemmas. I was watching a young labrador tethered to a long rope that was secured to the table I was sitting at. She was toying with the rope and as she did so, her legs started to get wrapped up in the rope. The harder she tugged and twisted, the less room she had to move and the more entangled she became and finally, she just dropped the rope. It fell away, and she was free. This was such a simple, timely lesson to me. Relax. Drop the rope. It really does help to stop struggling and just look at things, patiently. This is Zen, puppy style :)

Have a marvellous day, whatever you're up to!

Nic 🌻

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