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Good morning! How are you doing today?

It's a dry, warm day here so far and the birds are a-chirrupping. The song thrush from the woods near us seems to spend a lot of time in the trees opposite our house lately and he/she is LOUD! Our local hedgehog was having a rummage last night and the squirrels are leaping about like little lunatics. We're currently fighting a battle to have some planning for hundreds of houses on a nearby nature reserve overturned, which really brings our nearby wildlife into sharp focus. Life would be very grey without it.

So, what's today's post about? I'm going to share some of my daily practise with you - the scruffy, unplanned, imperfect side of NixieMade that somehow ends up as beautiful things for people to give and to own further down the line.

During the pandemic, as the website became established and I got into the habit of producing art and jewellery regularly, I took to daily sketching. There's a lot of satisfaction to be had from drawing, however sometimes it's hard to sit down and do. The fear of making something ugly never really goes away, and I decided the best way to tackle my hesitance was to draw an object every day, however quickly, however badly, without judgement, and without using an eraser if at all possible. The aim was not really to draw, but to become better at seeing. So I have compiled below a few images of what I've been doing, rain or shine, to help me overcome Pencil Trepidation - and as you will see, a lot of the objects are manmade things like the tools that surround me, with their very, very annoying symmetry, angles and textures that are so hard to capture.

I'm pretty sure that you can't get worse at something by doing it every day, so this is a habit I'll be keeping. How about you? Have you got a daily habit to help you improve at something?

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