Beltane, sketching in the sun and NixieMade memberships

Good morning! It's the first of May, the old world's celebration of the cusp of spring and summer. (You can read more about Beltane here). It's a beautiful bright, crisp morning in Northamptonshire and I've just spent a little time sat beneath a hazel tree, washing my face in Beltane dew and breathing. I hope the start to your bank holiday weekend is just as peaceful.

It's been an excellent few weeks at NixieMade. I've had a steady flow of commissions, the most expensive thing in the shop sold (my cue to take the next step up!), and a few people have asked to have something based on previous work. In June, will be one year old, so I'm very happy to be establishing loyal relationships with people who are getting familiar with the work I'm doing.

One customer liked this snowdrop necklace...

...and asked if I could make a bluebell for her.

Another customer liked my goddess pendant...

...and wanted to buy it as a single earring, so I've made her a silver earwire and off it goes to its new home.

A few members of my art class met up to have a sketch session at Sywell Country Park. It was so beautiful that I bought a parking pass for all of our local country parks, which will also support them during times of lost funding.

Sunshine, water, fresh air and ducks - what''s not to like? It was good for the soul to get a change of scenery and to catch up with arty folk, I hope we do it again soon.

Next week will be an artwork week, watch this space! There are ideas brewing...

I hope you enjoy your weekend, whatever you're up to.

ps. A couple of members have contacted me because their NixieMade plan was cancelled when their credit/debit card expired. Wix tell me that they cannot currently update card details and that members will need to cancel their subscription and rejoin with new card details. I have put pressure on them to implement the update feature, in the meantime I sincerely apologise for the hassle. Thank you for your continuing support and patience, it really does make a huge difference.

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