A walk in the park

We're lucky to be surrounded by a few lovely places to visit and see nature's cycles unfold. One of these is East Carlton Country Park, an absolute gem of open space and woodland.

We've been enjoying watching the colours and shapes of the world change, and we found a few new things along the way.

A turkey oak in its autumn clothes...

...and gall wasp eggs (we had some help finding out what we were looking at).

A bit of nest-spotting (I'm making the tiniest bird's nest from silver and WOW are they are miracle of nature).

A friendly dragon (I think).

and some other cool carved folk and beasties.

Sleepy or Grumpy? Either way it reminds me of a fish.


We looked these up, we thought these might be redcurrants. They tasted reaaaal bad.

Sloes, of course...

Some gorgeous flowing patterns on a bark-stripped beech -