A Stag Card For Yule

This year I made my husband a Yule card using some white and gold card, and blue and gold marbled background paper. He loves stags.

If you'd like to make a card using this technique, here's how!

Create a base for your card. You can choose the size based on an envelope you want to use, or afterwards you can use this fun little guide to making your own envelope. My envelope size was 15cm x 15cm, so I cut my card to 14.5cm x 29cm and folded it down the middle.

I found the centre of the card front by drawing lines from corner to corner, then I used a pair of compasses to draw my circle. (You don't have to use a circle, of course, you could use any shape within your card.)

I found an outline of a stag online, zoomed in a little, and used tracing paper to trace the outline of the stag and snowy ground. I used a pencil to lightly cover the back of the traced image, then I placed it right-way-up on my card and traced the outline into the circle I'd drawn. I sketched in some branches.

Using a cutting mat and a scalpel, I cut away any areas of card that would not show as white (all of the background). When I was done, I rubbed out any pencil lines and I cut a piece of marbled paper and taped it inside the card, so that the blue and gold side appears behind the stag. You could use foam pads to create more of a 3D effect if you like.

Finally, because I wanted to highlight the gold in the background paper, I die cut a circle from gold card and stuck it with a little PVA glue onto the outer circle - this step is optional, I just like how it adds a little accent to the card.

Cut a piece of paper slightly smaller than your opened card to stick inside and hide your tape lines, and write your message. You're done! Have fun making your own papercut card and let me know how it turns out :)

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