A painting project with a difference

Good morning to you! It's a grey day in Northamptonshire, so we've started the day with some homemade cheese and smoked paprika scones in big heart shapes. Hoorah! Our old oven died and we have just installed a new one, my word it's quiet. I wasn't particularly conscious of our old one sounding like an aeroplan requiring maintenance, and yet it did...this one also did not come pre-coated in dogs' fur, like the one we inherited with the house.

Anyway, today I thought I'd share some pictures with you. Remember back in March, when it was bitterly cold and we were volunteering with a team at the park? One of our tasks was to restore playground rides to heritage colours (rides arrived in the park in the 1950s, and the aim was to bring back the feel of the era).

As you can see, the toys we chose to renovate had been painted rather badly in 1980s colours. They had various areas of rotten wood and flaky paint (we spent a day sanding....I loathe sanding).

It took a lot of sessions to get back to a paintable surface and build up the new colours. Some, like black and red, have a very strong pigment. The orange was feeble, so required a lot of revisiting. You have never seen competition for a roll of masking tape like this!

Finally, over the summer the littlies got to ride around on fun restored toys. It's been great watching them enjoy themselves.

Well worth the effort, though I don't mind a little break from big projects.

Today I'm working on some drawings that are somewhat smaller by comparison :)

I hope you have an excellent Friday, whatever it brings! 🌻

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