A Day Off Treasure Hunting

This week we did something new - collecting sweet chestnuts! We thought we'd try our luck, and as a couple of people were already foraging, we didn't hold out much hope for a good haul - we were amazed at what we found.

We live near a row of these beautiful trees, and it was incredible to see the difference in their maturity, productivity and character.

These beauties are appearing in their hundreds (and if you weren't sure what a sweet chestnut tree looked like, you know now!). Look at those colours and shapes!

We even found a little nest in one tree.

Perfect little mushrooms tucked away, lit up by the afternoon sunlight.

When the cupule opens naturally, it forms a stunning butterfly shape.

We found a frankly massive amount of glowing, ripe chestnuts while gently walking the treeline in the autumn sunshine... well as some fun ones! This just makes me think of a Latin American carnival.

It's incredible to think this happens quietly every year, all over the place, whether we notice or not.

There is something very calming about gathering food quietly in the sun. So if you're at a loose end this weekend and the weather is kind where you are, have a look around for nature's windfall. Enjoy :)

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