A day off in Tropical Birdland

This week we visited Tropical Birdland in Desford, a place I'd heard about earlier in the summer. What a brilliant place! It's full of interesting birds, most of which were unwanted pets, many of which fly free.

We saw cuckaburras, ibis, and military macaws, on their special outpost...

This shy little stunning bird just hanging out in a tree...

...and a great many parrots from all over the world.

I'd never seen a hornbill before, They're amazing!

There are purple magpies. Yes there are.

An emu makes a deep rumbling noise. I did not know that!

In the woodland walk, we spotted the biggest nest I've ever seen in my life.

I've become acquainted with a blue and gold macaw recently, so I have a bit of a soft spot for these clowns.

This was my first encounter with a hyacyinth macaw. Check out those crazy eyes!

In the parrot walk, we met lots of sociable birds of all colours and sizes.

This cheeky monkey did his best to eat Paul's hat.

Our friend's toddler howled with laughter when she saw this!

Peanuts also go down well...

and shoelaces....this little one was quite happy riding around on my shoe.

It was Mango who really stole my heart. She spent about an hour on my shoulder, and I still miss her! Just gorgeous in every way.

We left at bird bedtime, when they all go inside and the squirrel vacuum cleaner comes out!

If you find yourself in the Leicester area, I highly recommend this lovely day out. Also....take off your jewellery ;)

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