2020: A year in pictures

A very happy new year to you! I know it's been a very challenging year for a lot of us, and while it's been quite tough for us in some ways, in others it's been one of my favourites.

I have never, ever finished as many projects as I have this year, and that's largely down to you. Thank you for being a NixieMade member. You don't just help to keep the wolf from the door, you give a me a schedule so that I don't get lost, you give me inspiration and support, you give me great feedback, you keep me going on the days when drawing, painting, photography, silverwork, sewing or Photoshop aren't going at all to plan.

I hope you have a good year ahead, and I look forward to sharing my onward journey with you! In the meantime, here's a little slideshow of some of the makes from this year. You may own some of them ;)

ps. Look out for a January sale for members coming soon :)

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